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Our Rates are inclusive of Meals, Litter, Bedding, Heating and Insurance.


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Boarding Rates FAQ’s

Boarding Rates FAQ’s

What are your daily rates?
  • £11.00 per day – 1 cat in single chalet
  • £15.00 per day – 2 cats sharing a chalet
  • £20.00 per day – 4 cats sharing a family chalet
Is there a discount for long-term boarding?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount on boarding fees for any stay longer than five weeks (35 days) consecutively

Can I get a refund if I get back early?

Unfortunately, no refunds are applicable because the room has been reserved by you for the duration of your cat’s stay. Should you choose to remove the cat before the end of the period booked – we could have sold this space to someone else.

The same applies if you don’t bring you cat in on the day that you have booked.

Can my cats stay in separate pens as they don’t get on very well together?

Yes! We have a number of adjoining chalets, however these are subject to availability and use of adjoining pens are charged at the family rate of £20 per night. Should there be no adjoining pens available then you can book two separate chalets for two cats. We would charge 2 x the single cat rate for a booking such as this.

Why do you charge for full days?

We keep impeccably high standards with regards to control and prevention of infection and disease and health and safety. To this end, every chalet unit and all items of equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between stays. This cleaning does take time and it is essential to ensure that your cat remains comfortable throughout his/ her stay. We aim to always have the unit ready for your cat’s arrival and we also insist that they are allowed to remain in their unit in comfort until you arrive to collect them. We will never leave your cat in a carrier waiting for you to collect him /her and so we need to book the unit for both day of arrival and day of departure. Our many customers value this policy highly as they have the guarantee that their cat is comfortable for their entire stay.

Why is an extra day charged for collecting in the afternoon on the day of departure?

We charge our boarding rates on a full-day basis. This means that your cats chalet unit is available to you from 9am on your scheduled arrival day until 11am on your scheduled departure day. Afternoon collections on the day of departure will automatically incur another full-day’s boarding rate charge.

If we choose to bring our own cat food will we receive a discount on the boarding rate?

No, our provision of food is costed into our boarding rates and as such, we would not consider discounting on the basis of a customers decision not to use our house food. We are more than happy to have your cat fed on your own selected brand and are happy to prepare and serve this to your cat.